Did you know?

Maintenance kits can extend your printer's life by a factor of 10 at 1/10th the COST of TONER! Even paper can cost you more than maintenance kits.

Many well-intentioned citizens end up replacing their printer before they even replace their first kit. They freeze up when they see the quote from their service provider. It ends up costing them much more in the long run...

Even the kit you buy with the manufacturer's logo on it, is likely a rebuilt kit. 

Many parts for laser printers sold today, are re-manufactured. It's the norm of the industry.

The kits we offer are rebuilt in the US. They're re-manufactured to strict quality standards.

We back them with an outstanding warranty!

It also ends up putting more waste into the system when a printer meant to last to 2 million pages is trashed after 250,000 pages.

Our mission includes educating people about how easy and inexpensive it is to perform routine maintenance kit replacements.

It only takes about 10 minutes to do it yourself (scratch those labor charges off the quote) and our kits are about 20% less than manufacturers's kits.

In all, you'll save about $200.00, probably more..


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