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For laser printers, almost 30 years, but my mother read this question and told me to add that she thought I had a delusion as a kid.

You don't get to decide these kinds of things. I was born to be Laserman!

That's not the kind of question a gentleman superhero answers.

I will tell you we can usually have supplies to anywhere in the country within 3 business days, at ground shipping rates.
(Alaska and Hawaii will cost a little extra)

I can also expedite things for emergencies, that's what superheroes do...


I did once. In 1988, in the financial district in San Francisco. It was Haloween and I was handing out mini Three Muskateer bars with my phone number and company name on a label.

Nobody would take my candy. I'm pretty sure they thought I was delusional. My Mom agrees. 

I haven't worn it since...


If you haven't learned all you want to know about the Laserman from these questions, or I can be of service to you in any way, just drop me a line. If it's a question that belongs here I'll be sure to add it!

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